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. :  Jennifer Fahie (Halifax)

Jennifer Fahie, Capital Health, Halifax NS

When I decided to write this story I took into consideration patients whom I have nursed over the past five years as a bedside nurse. There was the man who, while on a morphine infusion for pain, informed me of all his deepest, darkest secrets – for which I am sworn to secrecy. I vividly recall the women who apologized for crying more while I shaved off her long dark hair than when she received her diagnosis of leukemia. I remember the husband who would sit with us in the nursing station on nightshift, huddle around the teapot and talk about celebrity gossip. I later found out that this was a distraction that enabled him to endure the hard times during his wife’s bone marrow transplant.

Though I have stories I cannot choose one because they are not only mine to tell. They are part of a bigger story – the nurses I work with. These memories stem from the patients and live collectively through nurses. In times of sorrow, laughter, embrace and tears I see the reflection in their eyes. These are the nurses who provide the most palpable care and have taught me everything I know. I realize now my memories cannot stand alone. Every heartache and hope is what keeps all of us whole.

The Oxford Dictionary defines Nurse as both a noun and verb:  As a noun: a person trained to care for the sick; as a verb: to take special care of; to promote well being or development. I personally prefer the latter.

Jennifer Fahie, RN, BScN, CON(C)
Capital Health – 8A/BMT Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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