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. :  Jennifer Knoll (London)

Jennifer Knoll (left) with students.

I am an Oncology nurse with a rewarding educational success story.

The education isn’t mine, but those of my students. I love working Adult Oncology at London Health Sciences Center, Victoria Hospital. But I also have the honour of teaching (in the role of clinical instructor) for the University of Western Ontario in this same clinical unit. There is something valuable and rewarding about teaching on your home unit; being able to share your passion and love for the area of nursing you choose to work in. By being able to show passion for work in Oncology nursing, I can show a whole new generation of students not only what it is to be a nurse, but how truly amazing it is to be an Oncology nurse. When a student remarks that your passion for Oncology nursing has made them consider it as a career, it’s worth it. When you can share that Oncology, though an emotionally hard place to work is also a very rewarding one, it’s worth it. When you can make education exciting, rewarding, and leave a lasting impact on students, it’s worth it.

This isn’t a rewarding educational success story about me, but about those that I teach because I love what I do and I want to share it with others.

Jennifer Knoll, RN, BScn, CON(C)
Adult Oncology
London Health Sciences Center, Victoria Hospital

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