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. :  Kerry Jensen (Montreal)

Kerry Jensen (top centre) with co-workers

I am a radiation oncology nurse with remarkable oncology nursing colleagues. Each nurse has brought their unique skills and knowledge gained from their previous experiences to the clinic. The team approach is encouraged in our clinic. We promote our strengths and assist each other with our weaknesses. Our goal is to provide good patient care that includes collaborating with all of the team members involved with the patient.

There are more than 200 patients circulating daily in the department where anything can happen. My nursing colleagues are resourceful, professional and make me want to come into work. Our days are varied with many tasks and situations. I feel incredibly supported by my oncology nursing colleagues as they are true team players. They always include and work closely with the patient’s family and friends. We all get involved when there is a complex case to assist with solutions in managing their care.

This is a time where many nurses are experiencing burnout and poor job satisfaction. I can honestly say I love my job and look forward to showing up to work. We laugh together we cry together, we remain together.

On a daily basis I meet incredible courageous patients that are battling cancer. They have so much to teach us if we just take some time to listen. I have the pleasure to work with a wonderful team that encourages these opportunities.

Kerry Jensen, RN, BSc,
Montreal, QC
McGill University Health Centre, Montreal General Hospital
Radiation Oncology Nurse Clinician


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