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. :  Crystele Montpetit (Fraser Valley Center)

Crystele Montpetit, RN, BScN

Crystele Montpetit, RN, BScN

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to lead a research project as Principal Investigator. The entire research process has been an incredible learning experience. It’s amazing to know that a simple idea can possibly lead to a change in nursing practice.

A preliminary study was conducted to evaluate the potential ability of InterDry Ag to relieve discomfort from radiation skin reactions of the breast. Twenty eligible participants consented to wear the InterDry AG as advised. The effectiveness of InterDry Ag was evaluated every five days through a skin assessment as well as a participant questionnaire. A personalized skin care regime was developed during these appointments with feedback from the patient. Patient engagement provided a sense of empowerment as the patient became a partner in their care.

An unexpected, yet positive outcome of this study has been the emotional support these patients received during their skin assessments. A therapeutic relationship developed between the nurse and the patient through the research process. Patients shared their personal experiences in terms of their diagnosis and the unique impact on their lives.

Crystele Montpetit, RN, BScN

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