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Oncology Nursing is a career that has many facets, booth scientific and interpersonal. It is an evolving specialty, a progressive growth area that offers many career opportunities.

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About the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology

The Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (CANO/ACIO) was established in 1984 to support the efforts of Canadian nurses in promoting and developing excellence in oncology nursing practice, education and research. CANO/ACIO’s purpose is to promote prevention of cancer, to provide optimal care of individuals with cancer, and to provide support for the nurses caring for them.


CANO/ACIO’s values statements follow:

  • Every nurse is a leader.
  • Canadians deserve specialized oncology nurses.
  • Evidence-based care is the foundation for excellence in nursing.
  • The specialty of oncology nursing is an essential component of health care services across the cancer continuum.
  • Collaborative relationships further the health, well-being and quality of life of Canadians.
  • Ongoing learning is essential for the professional and personal development of oncology nurses.
  • CANO/ACIO is committed to supporting its members and all oncology nurses.


CANO/ACIO recognizes that cancer is a chronic illness with acute phases, which affects people at all stages of the life cycle, and that nurses in all practice settings are involved with the process of cancer care, from prevention to detection, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care.

CANO/ACIO fosters the maintenance of high standards of nursing care and supports the work of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) in providing specialty certification for oncology nurses. CANO/ACIO has authored the “CANO Standards of Care, Roles in Oncology Nursing, and Role Competencies”.

CANO/ACIO has 25 member representatives on 18 national and/or international committees, subcommittees and working groups.

CANO/ACIO is a member of the Canadian Nurses Association, the Canadian Oncology Societies and the International Society for Nurses in Cancer Care.

In 2004, CANO/ACIO launched the annual Oncology Nursing Day in April as part of Cancer Month.

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