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The OND Chapter Champion recognition is provided by the local chapter to an active CANO/ACIO member who has worked in his/her city or institution to advance oncology nursing. This is administered by the chapter and is meant to recognize local contributions.

If you know a CANO/ACIO nurse who best exemplifies the theme this year: “Now and Forever Oncology Nursing” / << Les soins infirmiers en oncologie d’aujourd’hui et de demain >> please click here to nominate them as an OND Chapter Champion!

Alberta South Chapter Champion: Rachelle Ramsay

Rachelle Ramsay, originally from Calgary, moved to Nova Scotia in 2008 to study nursing at St. Francis Xavier University. In 2012, she graduated with her Bachelors in Science in Nursing degree with Honors. Rachelle began her career in oncology and hematology at the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There, she worked both on an inpatient and bone marrow transplant unit, as well as the Medical Day outpatient hematology unit. In these roles, Rachelle found her stride and began to shine. Rachelle was recognized with an “Angel in Action” award based on patient nominations. She was also featured in Nurses’ week “Nominate a Nurse” in 2015.

Since starting her career in oncology, Rachelle has been an active member of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC), participating in community events and in committee member roles. She is a two-time participant in the Team in Training, running a 10 km and half marathon race. In addition, Rachelle is a five-time participant in “Light the Night”, an event dedicated to raising money and awareness for blood cancers. In addition, Rachelle also collaborated as a member of the Patient Education and Support Leadership Committee for the Atlantic Chapter of the LLSC. In this role, she assisted in developing the “Empower Pack”, a resource and support package available for any blood cancer patient in Atlantic Canada, which are still available to leukemia and lymphoma patients today!

Since moving back to Alberta in 2016, Rachelle has been the Calgary Chapter LLSC Patient Information and Support Session facilitator. She has done several talks for the LLSC at various events, including at the “Journey of Hope” event in 2016, and again in 2018. Rachelle was also a guest speaker for “Understanding Blood Cancers”, a patient and family education event for the LLSC in 2016. She has also participated on a webcast exploring the concepts of “brain fog” and cancer-related fatigue in 2018, and then the same topics on a podcast in 2020.

Working in the Systemic Treatment Unit at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Rachelle is an active member of the TBCC Systemic Treatment Quality Council. In this role, she was part of a CORE change management project for the TBCC Systemic Treatment and Outpatient department. In addition, Rachelle is part of the working group for the “Newly Diagnosed with Cancer Toolkit” through the Cancer Control Alberta Patient Education Team, which is composed of both health care professionals and patients.

British Columbia Chapter Champions: BC Oncology Nurses

The CANOBC Executive would like to recognize all oncology nurses in BC as our OND Chapter Champions!

Obviously, a group photo was not possible. Instead, we asked our members to share one word that comes to mind in celebrating oncology nursing. The words submitted were used to create a collective visual to represent our chapter’s view of oncology nursing.

Thank you to all BC oncology nurses. You are true champions everyday for patients, families and each other!

Manitoba Chapter Champion / Nightingale Challenge: Jordana Jones

Jordana graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2014 with a Bachelor of Nursing Degree and was grateful to have rotations on both the pediatric and adult bone marrow transplant wards. This is where she was inspired to join the Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell Registry (formerly OneMatch). After going through the process of stem cell donation, Jordana developed a personal and genuine love for oncology and decided to devote her career to oncology nursing.

Jordana started as a Chemotherapy Nurse at the Western Manitoba Cancer Centre in Brandon in 2015 and became a member of CANO the same year. In a matter of 3 short years, she completed the Online Nursing Distance Education Course through the University of Alberta as well as the CNA Exam to become a Certified Oncology Nurse. Over the next few years Jordana split her time between working in the chemotherapy treatment room, Radiation Clinics, and Community Oncology Clinics before accepting a term position as a Nurse Navigator. This year Jordana has joined the CANO Manitoba Executive Team as Newsletter Editor and has become of member of Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment (CANE).

Outside of work Jordana is an avid traveler, she love spending time in the kitchen and bringing in baked goods for her colleagues. In Jordana’s spare time she enjoys reading and has a passion for protecting our environment. Jordana’s hopes for the future are to continue to be an active member within CANO, specifically focusing on rural oncology as well as environmental sustainability within healthcare. Her goal is to one day complete her master’s degree and work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Community Oncology Programs of CancerCare Manitoba.

Ontario-Champlain Chapter: Phil Nguyen

Phil Nguyen was chosen as this years Chapter Champion for the Ontario-Champlain Chapter, as he exemplifies this years OND theme “Now and Forever Oncology Nursing”.

Phil is a natural born leader. His professionalism and pride for oncology nursing is demonstrated in his daily practice where his compassion for his patients is evident. He shares his passion for oncology nursing through the teaching and support of nursing students both in a clinical setting and in nursing labs. He is a respected preceptor for new graduates and new hires on both the medical oncology unit and now the BMT/hematology unit. Phil is a strong role model for the new generation of nursing.

Phil’s approachability, positive attitude and collaborative nature make him someone you look forward to working with. He has collaborated on numerous research projects and has presented at annual CANO conferences. He has been a longstanding member of the Ottawa/Champlain Chapter and holds an important role in recruiting new members. We are so fortunate to have Phil as apart of our team and recognize his contributions to oncology nursing.

Ontario-Greater Toronto Chapter Champion: Kylie Martin

Kylie Martin started with the GTCON executive as our student representative in August 2017 and promoted GTCON and CANO on various student forums. She graduated from Bloomberg Nursing in 2018 and started her nursing career working at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre with the malignant hematology clinical trials team. As a chapter executive team member, Kylie transitioned into the Director of Recruitment and Retention role the same year. She is focused on reaching out to educators in the GTA and promoting all the fun, educational benefits offered by GTCON.

Kylie finds her nursing role both stimulating and rewarding and continues to learn every day. She has become an active member of the Clinical Trials Unit Council and recently started up a journal club which was well received. Nurses and patients who work with Kylie know that she is always willing to help and will go out of her way to ensure the best care that she can. Her natural curiosity to learn more and hone her oncology nursing skills contributes to the quality of care that she provides. Kylie’s ongoing enthusiasm has always been inspiring to the team and is a true inspiration for all nurses. We are truly proud to have Kylie as our Chapter Champion in 2020 as she best represents the theme “Now and Forever Oncology Nursing”.

Champion de la section du Québec: Alexis Parent

Passionné par la clientèle en oncologie, Alexis Parent commence sa carrière d’infirmier clinicien au CHUM en 2008. Voulant acquérir davantage de connaissances pour mieux comprendre et répondre aux besoins de la clientèle et de leur famille, il obtient rapidement sa certification canadienne de l’AIIC en oncologie. Parallèlement à son travail sur l’unité d’hospitalisation, il s’implique dans de multiples conseils, comités et projets pour améliorer la qualité et la sécurité des soins, en plus de favoriser l’intégration et la rétention des infirmières. Cette implication lui vaut d’ailleurs le Prix Florence 2010 dans la catégorie Relève décerné par l’Ordre des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ).

Alexis Parent a cumulé de l’expérience dans différents postes en oncologie, que ce soit comme assistant infirmier-chef, infirmier en suivi systématique ou infirmier-chef d’unité. Il a aussi travaillé plusieurs années aux soins intensifs pour soutenir les patients en période critique de la maladie. Au fond de lui, il a toujours chéri un rêve professionnel, celui de devenir infirmier praticien spécialisé en oncologie au Québec. C’est donc avec grand bonheur qu’il s’est inscrit à la maîtrise de l’Université de Montréal dès l’ouverture du programme en 2017 et qu’il est depuis 2019 infirmier praticien spécialisé en soins aux adultes (IPSSA), un des premiers en oncologie au Québec.

Ce jeune IPSSA travaille aujourd’hui au CUSM/MUHC dans l’équipe d’oncologie médicale. Il intervient auprès de la clientèle en clinique, en salle de traitement, en consultation à l’urgence et à l’unité d’hospitalisation. Il est fier de faire partie d’une équipe qui a à cœur la collaboration interdisciplinaire et le développement d’interventions innovantes pour le mieux-être de la clientèle.

Saskatchewan Chapter Champion: Steven Hall

We are thrilled to recognize Steven Hall as CANO Saskatchewan Chapter Champion for his enthusiasm, energy and innovation with the Saskatchewan Chapter of CANO. While just setting forth onto his oncology journey, Steve is already making important contributions to the oncology nursing community. He is engaging the interest of new members by providing information and sharing the value of CANO membership with nursing students and registered nurses across the province of Saskatchewan. As well, he is committed to improving our Chapter’s social media presence through initiatives such as Facebook and Twitter.

Steve has recently completed his 4th year at the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing, and has been accepted to continue his studies in the Master of Nursing thesis-based program where he will pursue a thesis in geriatric oncology. He has recently been awarded First Place in the Social Sciences Category at the Undergraduate Research Symposium for important work with Dr Kristen Haase. We look forward to seeing Steve’s contributions to the oncology research community and his growth as a oncology leader in Saskatchewan. Congratulations Steve!

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