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Louise Watson, RN, BScN, CON(C) Nursing Education Manager, Tom Baker Cancer Centre

Louise Watson, RN, BScN, CON(C)
Nursing Education Manager, Tom Baker Cancer Centre

Alberta – ONIGA South Chapter

Louise began her nursing career by obtaining a BScN at the University of Saskatchewan in 1972 and has worked as a nurse for over 40 years. She initially began nursing in home care – first in Ontario and then Calgary. Louise has always been inspiring change in nursing practice and taking on new and innovative roles such as the Nursing Coordinator for the first Home Care Palliative Care Program in Calgary in the late 70’s.  Louise then transitioned to oncology nursing at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in 1984, and continued pioneering innovative and inspirational nursing roles such as: the Coordinator for a national breast screening study and then in 1991 as the coordinator of the Nursing Education Department.  Louise is currently the Manager of the Nursing Education Program at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. Her dedication to be a leader while using a real team approach to nursing education is commendable.
Louise continues to lead and support positive change. She inspires the professional growth and development of the nursing staff and ensures nurses through multiple in-services and a yearly education conference. Louise also works to ensure nurses are in leadership roles by being committed in having nursing representation on multiple committees at various levels in the organization. Most recently, Louise has successfully established an innovative initiative, “Creating a Learning Environment” to enhance educational opportunities. This initiative has led to monthly Journal Club to support evidence-based practice and also “Walk a Mile in Their Shoes”, an opportunity for nurses to gain in-depth knowledge of patient care and appreciation of staff in other areas.
Furthermore, Louise has been a CANO member since almost its inception and has volunteered her time previously on the local ONIGA-South Executive as Secretary and Education Coordinator.


Josiane Rousseau Nurse Manager - Comprehensive Cancer Centre (CSSS) - Laval, Quebec

Josiane Rousseau
Nurse Manager – Comprehensive Cancer Centre (CSSS) – Laval, Quebec

Quebec Chapter

The Québec Chapter proudly acknowledges Josiane Rousseau as a nurse who inspires change.She became involved in cancer care in 2008, since December 2011 she is Nurse Manager of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre of the CSSS de Laval. She is respected for her integrity and her professionalism.
Josiane is committed to quality of services provided to cancer patients and their families. She is always available to hear the concerns of her staff and always has good words to motivate and encourage them.  Involved in many committees at work she has greatly influenced the development of the nursing practice with her passion, her competencies and her skills. She is a role model for all of us.
She is also very active with the AQIO as a member of the Annual Conference Organizing Committee.  Her communication skills, her generosity and her good humour make her an exceptional human being and a great nurse.

L’Association québécoise des infirmières en oncologie (AQIO) voudrait reconnaître Josiane Rousseau, Chef des services ambulatoires du Centre de Cancérologie de Laval comme infirmière qui inspire le changement.
Ses habiletés personnelles et relationnelles, son dynamisme, sa générosité et sa jovialité font d’elle une femme exceptionnelle, qui exerce une influence positive sur le développement de la pratique infirmière.  Josiane est un modèle pour tous.
Josiane exerce en oncologie depuis 2008.  En plus de s’impliquer dans de nombreuses activités parallèles à ses fonctions, elle est membre active de l’AQIO et participe à l’organisation du Séminaire provincial annuel depuis 2011.
Merci Josiane!


OND Award Tracy Truant with BC Health Minister, Honourable Margaret MacDiarmid

OND Award Tracy Truant with BC Health Minister, Honourable Margaret MacDiarmid

BC Chapter

The BC Oncology Nursing Group recipient of the OND award for Inspiring Change was Tracy Truant.  Tracy has 25 years of experience at the regional, provincial and national levels in a variety of clinical, education, research and leadership roles in oncology.

Tracy was the regional professional practice and academic leader at the BC Cancer Agency from 1998 – 2010.  In this capacity she has inspired many nurses to enter the field of oncology nursing and/or stretch themselves to take on new challenges and roles.

Provincially she has co chaired the 2007 and now the 2013 CANO conference in Vancouver.  Her work as a co investigator for the CAMEO project and her passion & expertise in the field of Complementary/Alternative medicine education has been instrumental in facilitating nurses and  other members of the oncology care team gain knowledge and expertise to better support patient’s decision making around CAM.

Nationally, Tracy has been actively involved with the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) in several capacities, including participation on the Ambulatory Systemic Cancer Therapy Services Advisory Committee, and the Symptom Triage & Remote Support Project. She has served in several positions in CANO over the years  – most recently as DAL-Professional Practice; National Strategy for Chemotherapy Administration (NSCA) leader; on the CONJ Editorial Review Board;  as CAM SIG Co-chair; and on the Research Committee.

As her nominee states:

Tracy is truly deserving of this award from her peers for many reasons.  Her energy and enthusiasm for oncology nursing is infectious.  She inspires others to engage in advancing the profile of what oncology nurses do provincially and nationally, and a great many oncology nurses have stepped up to the plate to serve precisely because she has encouraged and supported them”. … She is the kind of person whose presence reminds us all how privileged we are to work in the world of oncology and to be members of a profession that has so much to offer.”


Angela Boudreau

Angela Boudreau – Advanced Practice Nurse in the Chemotherapy Unit and Hematology clinic at the Odette Cancer Centre in Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Chapter

This year’s TCON Nurse-To-Know has a broad spectrum of clinical expertise in the areas of hematology, medical oncology, surgical oncology and general medicine. She’s demonstrated her leadership as an educator of patients and nurses in a lengthy list of projects, clearly demonstrating her commitment to improve the care of cancer patients. Her CV records a number of projects that she’s managed or supported in development. These include: communication improvement strategies for patients receiving chemotherapy; nursing evaluation tools for a program restructure; development of staff education such a preceptor workshops, as well as development of institutional policies and procedures related to an ambulatory oncology unit and program. She’s given a lengthy list of presentations both locally and internationally, demonstrating her commitment to education in oncology.
The 2013 TCON Nurse to Know completed a BScN at the University of Ottawa, and a MN at the University of Toronto. She has filled nursing roles such as educator, staff nurse, clinical instructor, and currently practices as an Advanced Practice Nurse in the Chemotherapy Unit and Hematology clinic at the Odette Cancer Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The Toronto Chapter of Oncology Nurses is delighted to acknowledge Angela Boudreau as the 2013 Nurse-To-Know.

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