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Anything you do to promote Oncology Nursing Day (OND) makes a difference in raising public awareness about oncology nursing and recognizing the contributions of your colleagues. Even the most simple of acts can have significant and sustaining results.

Here are some ideas on how you can get involved:

  • Wear a pin, T-shirt, jacket, vest, or other item that displays a CANO/ACIO, oncology nursing, or nursing logo on it. The more colorful and thought-provoking the logo is, the better the results. Take a moment to introduce oncology nursing to those who seem interested or who ask about your message
  • Organize a social event for nurses, patients, administrators, interdisciplinary staff, or the community-at-large. This can include a pancake breakfast, pizza lunch, afternoon tea, potluck dinner or evening banquet. Look for sponsors early who might be interested in hosting the event to cover the expenses. This could include asking your manager, CANO/ACIO chapter president, or local cancer care agencies if they might be able to make a donation to the event, or if they have suggestions for persons or organizations who can.
  • Develop a recognition display in a prominent place to acknowledge oncology nurses within your organization or institution. This could be a banner, flag, poster, or flyer. Be sure to get permission before placing the display, and of course, advocate for your idea to be exhibited by the front entrance!
  • Buy flowers, cake or gifts for oncology nursing staff or colleagues.
  • Sponsor a community-wide event such as mole screening or a question-and-answer session on a specific type of cancer. Examples include a gynecological cancer awareness event for women, where games, displays, and short lectures teach about female cancers including screening schedules and other important information.
  • Host a fun run or walk. Talk to your local city council or parks department early to reserve a location in time for OND!
  • Have an event to recognize outstanding oncology nurses, such as presentation of a recognition award. Discuss your idea with your manager and organizational administration to see if they would be willing to host the event, or to make the award part of their annual institutional calendar.
  • Target elementary or high school students with a sun-smart or anti-smoking campaign.
  • Visit high schools or nursing schools to present information on oncology nursing as a career.
  • Host or organize an oncology nursing marketplace within your healthcare organization. Invite all oncology nurses who are local to participate. Talk to oncology units, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, non-profit organizations, and advocates about sponsoring the event.
  • Host an educational event or session. Your audience could be oncology nurses, nurses who might be interested in oncology, nursing students, interdisciplinary staff, administrators, patients or the public-at-large. Space can often be found at local libraries, community centers, or churches for a very low fee.
  • Hold a competition for school children to create the best poster and then display their posters in schools, libraries, restaurants or at work.
  • Launch or present a scholarship or bursary.
  • Print out the OND poster [ENG] [FRE] and post in your institution!

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