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. :  Ways to Promote Oncology Nursing Day

With your help, we can reach as many people as possible with the simple message: Oncology nursing is important!

  • Submit a StorySubmitting a story will help raise member, non-member and community awareness about oncology nursing and highlight the great work of oncology nurses across the country. Anyone can submit a story – a nurse, a patient, a co-worker or a family member, and we encourage you to invite them to do so. You can share what makes you proud to work as an oncology nurse, why you are passionate about what you do, or share a specific story that affected you in a positive way! 
  • Share Your Event: We want to know how you’re planning to celebrate OND! You’ll find some examples of what was planned in previous years on this site. Big or small, we want to know about it and so do the nurses in your area! Email us your event details at and we will post it on the OND site!
  • Support CANO/ACIO on Social Media: Ensure you are following CANO/ACIO on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Share/like/re-tweet our shared events, updates and stories! Encourage others in your network to participate as well to ensure we reach as many people as possible nationwide with the hashtag #OND2020 leading up to Oncology Nursing Day!
  • Chapter Champion Award: Start thinking about how you will encourage your Chapter to nominate a Chapter Champion for 2020. We encourage you to select a nurse for OND who best exemplifies the 2020 theme “Now and Forever Oncology Nursing”.

Other Ideas:

  • Write a letter to the editor if an article has appeared in your local newspaper that portrays an oncology nurse.
  • Invite a local politician to visit you at work and see the services you and your colleagues provide. Find their contact information on the internet, or contact individual political parties. Is there a public vote coming up? Great! Get in touch with the politicians now and let them know that oncology nurses are here, we have a voice, and it would benefit them to promote our cause.
  • Create a photo opportunity with human interest, emotional appeal, or that relate to a high-profile person, event, or place. Oncology nurses can be artists too, so put on your thinking caps!
  • Write an article to be printed in your institution’s newsletter. Be sure to pay attention to publication deadlines.
  • Send a letter to your employer to let them know about Oncology Nursing Day and the events planned by your group. Ask if they can help promote the event through the organization’s own public relations or publicity staff.
  • Host a fun public event such as a “cancer smart” quiz or test for local radio or TV personalities.

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